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                                                                                           Conditions of Ni - Ne Moda
                                                                                           Version valid as of : April 27, 2011

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 Ni - Ne Moda : sole proprietorship , Ni - Ne Moda , established at New Vennep and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number:  51,982,951 .

1.2 Customer : the natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or business , which has a contract with Ni - Ne Moda .
1.3 Website Ni - Ne Moda : The website of Ni - Ne Moda accessible via www.ninemoda.nl and ninemoda.com

1.4 Agreement : a distance contract with the customer via an organized Ni - Ne Moda system for distance selling of  Ni - ne Moda products and which to conclude the agreement exclusive use of one or more mean  distance communication .

1.5 Grace period : A period in which the customer has the possibility to realize the termination of the sale by the right of withdrawal .

1.6 Right of withdrawal: the ability for the customer upon receipt of it has ordered product (s ) , these products can be sent back within the reflection time to Ni - Ne Moda and get  refund the purchase price


Article 2 General Provisions

2.1 The customer can not derive any rights from the fact that Ni - Ne Moda May apply these terms and conditions  smoothly.

2.2 These conditions apply to all offers and all distance from Ni - Ne Moda which extend to the sale  of products.

2.3 The purchasing conditions applied by any customer , are expressly rejected , and are not therefore apply to agreements with Ni - Ne Moda .

2.4 If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions fully or partially invalid or voided, then continue Other terms and conditions apply in full .

2.5 In these terms, the word can also be regarded as documents produced in writing via electronic ' writing ‘     roads are sent certainly be understood by e - mail and faxed documents .

2.6 The content of this site and the content of all other expressions of Ni - Ne Moda Internet has been compiled with the greatest care .  Ni - Ne Moda can not provide any guarantees regarding the nature , accuracy or content of this information. Ni - Ne Moda is not liable for any errors or inaccuracies , or for the consequences of using the information.


Article 3 Offers

3.1 The products offered on the website of Ni - Ne Moda product specifications are listed and the price of the product including VAT and shipping costs. If goods are delivered outside the Netherlands additional costs are charged by  Ni - Ne Moda .

3.2 The offered on the website of Ni - ne Moda products contain the most accurate and truthful description and / or image of the product offered.
3.3 If the descriptions and / or images as described in section 3.2 in reality this fall makes Ni - ne Moda in no any way liable in damages to the customer. The client always retains his right to his right as provided in Article 6.1 .3.4 Ni - ne Moda provides the customer with information about the expected delivery of the product , this term is only indicative.


Article 4 Conclusion of an agreement

4.1 Agreements are concluded after the customer has accepted an order made by Ni - ne Moda offer or proposal and Ni - ne Moda agreement gone with this acceptance .

4.2 An agreement is also concluded if Ni - ne Moda commences with the delivery of products to the customer .

4.3 The state - Ni ne Moda  is always free not to accept an offer accepted by the customer . , Without giving reasons , If the customer already made a payment ​​to Ni – Ne .Ni-NeModa this amount immediately after boarding books back to the customer .



 Article 5 Delivery

5.1 The customer can send to an address specified by him or her, the products ordered.

5.2 Once an agreement has been concluded between Ni - ne Moda and customer, by customer ordered products are , in principle, within seven ( 7 ) days provided by Ni - ne Moda .

5.3 If Ni - Ne Moda can not meet the delivery as described in section 5.2 , a further delivery time indicated . If  the customer is not able to send the product back to Ni- ne Moda within thirty ( 30 ) the customer may rescind the contract .


Article 6 Return of products

6.1 The customer has the receipt of the products ordered seven ( 7 ) days , by virtue of his right of withdrawal , to the ordered product without  broadcast . giving reasons for Ni - ne Moda return
6.2 Ni - ne Moda will, after receiving the product, the invoice value of the product within thirty ( 30 ) days of books back to the customer .
6.3 If the customer uses his right of withdrawal, the risk of transmission and the shipping costs to the customer . Ni - ne Moda will  never take products shipped by cash on delivery receipt .
6.4 The customer must take to prevent damage to the product and / or all appropriate measures from the time of receipt of the products to prevent packaging.
6.5 Ni -Ne moda will never  take damaged products or products in damaged packaging back . If the damage is not due to the customer Ni ne Moda will send the customer a replacement product .
6.6 The customer may not transfer his right as valid if the ordered product : manufactured to suit individual customer
 is perishable , audio and video recordings or computer software which were unsealed and also all other except as mentioned in article 7:46 d paragraph 4 of the Civil Code .


Article 7 Warranty

7.1 The customer shall immediately upon receipt to check the delivered products. Any defective products , the customer must immediately upon discovery notify Ni -Ne Moda and at the latest within a period of fourteen ( 14 ) days .
7.2 If the symptoms are explained by Ni - Ne Moda founded the customer a replacement or refund of the invoice value  of  product offered .
7.3 The warranty on the products Ni - Ne Moda supplied is 6 months. Any additional warranty offered by Ni - ne Moda,  manufacturer or importer shall not prejudice the statutory rights of the customer.

7.4 The guarantee provided by Ni - Ne Moda does not apply to any damage caused by misuse , accident, scratches , exposure to extreme temperatures , solvents , acids , water or normal wear .

7.5 The customer supplied products with an expiration date , which are processed by the customer or which by their nature can not be taken back not covered by the warranty as described in this article .


Article 8 Price & Payment

8.1 On the website of Ni - Ne Moda prices include shipping , VAT and other government levies .

8.2 Following the conclusion of a contract prices can not be increased, except for any price changes which Ni- ne Moda has no impact as tax rates.

8.3 Payment can be made at the conclusion of an agreement by means of electronic payments ( iDeal or credit card )

8.4 Any errors in the billing should be , and Ni - Ne Moda amount will be reported directly by the customer to Ni- Ne Moda correct .
8.5 Inaccuracies in billing relieve the customer does not set out in these terms and conditions . Any payment or other obligations


Article 9 Retention of title

9.1 The products supplied by Ni - Ne Moda remain the property of Ni - Ne Moda until the moment the customer all obligations under the Ni - Ne Moda agreement is properly implemented.

9.2 In the event that Ni - Ne Moda appeals to the retention of title , the relevant agreement as terminated, without prejudice  claim. Ni - Ne Moda compensation for damages, lost profit and interest


Article 10 Force Majeure

10.1 Ni - Ne Moda is not obliged to fulfill any obligations towards the customer if he is hindered due to a circumstance that is not due to his fault , by virtue of law , a legal action or generally accepted standards are expense.

10.2 Ni - Ne Moda may suspend the obligations under the contract during the period that the force majeure . If the force majeure longer then continues a period of thirty ( 30 ) days, both the customer and Ni - Ne Moda entitled to dissolve the agreement without any obligation to compensate the damage suffered by the other party .

Article 11 Liability

11.1 If Ni - Ne Moda liable, liability is limited to the amount applicable under insurance contract in the relevant case is paid .

11.2 If specified in the exception to the provisions in Article 11.1 , for whatever reason, no benefit under said insurance occur , it is the liability of Ni - Ne Moda limited to the invoice value of the order , at least that part of the order which  liability relates.
11.3 Ni - Ne Moda is liable only for direct damages . Direct damage shall be understood to include only :
           • the reasonable costs incurred to establish the cause and extent of damage, where the establishment relates to damage in the sense of these conditions;
           • the reasonable costs incurred to have answer, so far the poor performance of Ni - Ne Moda with the agreement
                This can be attributed to Ni - Ne Moda ;
           • reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage , insofar as the customer demonstrates that these expenses resulted in mitigation direct damage as meant in this article .

11.4 Ni - Ne Moda excludes all liability for indirect damage caused by the use of the supplied Ni - Ne Moda ago
 products , with the exception of situations where the damage directly attributable to intent or gross negligence on the part of Ni - Ne Moda , are management and / or supervisory personnel.

11.5 Ni - Ne Moda is certainly not liable for damages following items: Consequential damages , lost profits , lost savings , and
damage due to business stagnation .


Article 12 Applicable law and disputes

12.1 All legal relationships involving Ni - Ne Moda party , only Dutch law. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is excluded .

12.2 The Customer and Ni - Ne Moda will only appeal to the court if they have made every effort to make every dispute in mutual settle consultation.
12.3 Any complaints should be sent to Ni - ne Moda,  and will respond  substance within a reasonable time  the customer by email to info@ninemoda.nl


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