About Us

About us


NI-NE MODA is a fashion house setup with the conscience to give the latest style and superior quality to our customers. We are committed to maintaining the high standard taste of our customers. NI-NE MODA is offering a range of bags for a variety of lifestyles to create self-confidence to our customers. The bags are colourful, trendy and fun as well as practical and durable to empower the happiness of our customers. We are increasingly committed to providing the best quality bags from the finest Italian leather.


NI-NE MODA was founded in 2011 with an enthusiastic idea of creating luxury and soft touches to today’s trends. Our company is situated in The Netherlands and our bags are completely handmade in Veneto, Italy using the best quality leather. We take stylish details, which you desire, in the design of our bags. The bags offered by NI-NE MODA are suitable for day to day activities for our modern customer for who both style and price is important.

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